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Release Notes - Start of April 2024

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Updated: 29 April 2024
Ability to select the new 'Hidden' status in Schedules

11 April 2024


Programa for Designers

  • Fixed an issue when entering a product with lengthy details in the schedule and sharing it to the client dashboard, the product details section gets cut off. Also fixes the label beneath to "description".
  • Fixed visual treatment for large numbers in the fields within Schedules
  • Fix for Suppliers in Schedules not updating properly and fix for when the supplier address field is too long
  • Fix for elements in the Schedule section line item
  • Reduced chance of errors when copying a schedule

Programa for Brands

  • New Insights tab in Products table coming soon
  • Improvement to CSV import template to remove Option Name and Option Value columns and derive them from either existing columns or new columns
  • Fix for the admin csv import dry run function


  • Testing suite for new project tax settings
  • Remove unused supplier id assignment
  • Fix for Ghost mode which is persisting when modal is closed
  • Copilot to deploy US prod & setup S3 replication in prod
  • Codeify manual changes to prod pipeline
  • Refactoring of some tech debt

09 April 2024


New 'Hidden' product status in Schedules.

You now have the ability to keep Product line items in schedules hidden from customers so you can focus on designing and less time worrying about what your customer sees. More specifically, any Product with 'Hidden' status will:

  • Be excluded from Client Dashboard and live links
  • Remain visible in your schedules the same as any other line item
  • Be excluded from financial totals (both section and schedule level).
  • Remain visible to select in Purchase Orders
  • Remain visible to select in Invoicing
  • Remain excluded from exports (bulk select, schedule and excel exports)


Other fixes

  • Fix for when the up and down arrow are spammed when viewing Product Details in Schedules, this resulted in ending up on the wrong product.
  • Fix to exclude certain countries from the invoice application fee due to Stripe limitations. Until Stripe supports application fees in Mexico, the plan unfortunately is to not add it to invoices.
  • Fix for localising Stripe processing fees that are being passed on and update to the calculation.
  • Fix for limiting the invoice item description field to 500 characters so that it doesn't break when the invoice is generated.


Technical updates

  • Fixing of flaky specs in tests
  • QB Settings: fetch studio details by
  • Prevent blanking product values when options values are present in CSV
  • Refactor procurementDetailsTab, copyProduct, scheduleFinancial
  • Import tax rates from stripe on go live
  • Brand settings no longer behind toggle
  • Archived state showing for archived used tax rates in project settings scenario
  • Fix for written changes on smoke tests
  • Fix send quantity when updating price - ensuring we're charging tax correctly
  • Fix currentFocusElement already declared
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