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Build Your Studio's Own Product Library

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Easily manage and update product information with Programa's Product Library,
saving you hours of manual data entry.

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Product Library

Build your studio’s custom library of products

Effortlessly store essential product details, including supplier contacts and comprehensive specifications, in a centralized hub for easy access.
Product Library

Storing with Web Clipper

Easily build your studio's product selection with the Web Clipper, expanding your Product Library.

Centralized product hub

Add complete product details, images, supplier contacts, and notes to your library.

Save time scheduling

Easily insert products into Schedules from your Product Library.

Generate itemized quotes

Request itemized quotes for individual products directly from your library.

See how Programa can save your studio time and money with
Pinboards, Shared Schedules, Product Libraries and more.

The only all-in-one tool built by & for interior designers.



Simplify specifications, centralizing all details in one hub.
Project Management Tasks

Project Management

Keep your team and your projects running smoothly in one place.

It's all in the details

Stop stressing about version control. Build your schedules with Programa and builders, clients and trades will always have access to the latest information and specifications, wherever they are.
ArchitectureSchedule ItemsSchedule Items

Everything all in one place.


Central hub efficiency

Store and access all key products in one place for the whole team's use, enhancing studio collaboration.

Time-saving specifications

Create schedules quickly without manual data entry, utilizing rapid update capabilities for greater efficiency.

Detailed product insights

Easily specify with listings that include exhaustive details, notes, and supplier information.

Organized and adaptable

Utilise advanced search and filtering for effortless product organization and categorization.
Try Programa for free with a 7 day trial

Try Programa for free with a 7 day trial

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Welcome to Programa's Product Library – your gateway to streamlined design management! Dive into a world of efficiency and organization as you build your studio's very own product library with Programa. Say goodbye to hours of manual data entry with our platform, designed to effortlessly manage and update product information at your fingertips.

With Programa's Product Library, you can easily store and access essential product details, supplier contacts, and comprehensive specifications in one centralized hub, eliminating the hassle of scattered information. Expand your library with our Web Clipper, effortlessly adding products to your selection with just a click.

Experience the convenience of centralized product management as you insert products into Schedules directly from your Product Library, saving precious time and ensuring accuracy. Request itemized quotes with ease, directly from your library, empowering you to make informed decisions swiftly.

Discover how Programa can revolutionize your studio's workflow with features like Pinboards, Shared Schedules, and Product Libraries – the all-in-one solution built by and for interior designers.

No more version control stress – with Programa, ensure that builders, clients, and trades always have access to the latest information and specifications, no matter where they are.

Finally, everything you need in one place – enhance studio collaboration with a central hub for all key products, saving time with rapid updates and detailed insights. With advanced search and filtering capabilities, organizing your products has never been easier or more adaptable.

Unlock the power of detailed product management with Programa's Product Library Features – because in design, it's all in the details.