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Release Notes - Start of May 2024

Stay up to date with what's recently been released in May.
Updated: 13 June 2024

14 May 2024


Programa for Designers

  • Additional view in Project Management (coming soon)
  • File sorting on project page for Project Management (coming soon)
  • New tax rates used in Invoicing (coming soon)
  • Styling tweaks to left sidenav


Programa for Brands

  • Brands dashboard design tweaks (coming soon)
  • Add AWS Lambda Service and lint fixes
  • My Products page filter by category (coming soon)

09 May 2024


Programa for Designers

  • Work on tasks for projects in Project Management (coming soon)
  • Prep work for import from trade portal behaviour in product library (coming soon)
  • Duplicate check and alert for Doc Code field in Schedules (imminent)
  • Fix for issue with marking items as approved in summary tab making all other entries disappear
  • Fix for issue with Tax rates now being copied along with the project.
  • Added toggle for whether a product is taxable or not, to Product Library products


Programa for Brands

  • Change in Brand approval requests to now being sent to an email alias
  • New activity widget in Brands dashboard (coming soon)
  • Fix for Algolia limit overriding native pagination when viewing products in trade portal
  • Updates to Quote Requests templates to add schedule share details URLs to email carrier

03 May 2024


Programa for Designers

  • Fix for Pinboard share page JS error which may cause iOS/Safari failure
  • QuickBooks integration - ability to update, delete invoices (coming soon)
  • Fix for adding a supplier in Summary page causing a field to lose focus

02 May 2024


Programa for Designers

  • QuickBooks - Create invoice and add products (coming soon)
  • Fix for using correct dimensions for client dashboard cover image via crop tool
  • Changes to the sidebar for easier help access
  • Fix for misaligned 'Trade Discount' percentage icon when Tax is turned on


Programa for Brands

  • Fix for email CSV dry run
  • New filtering of products by status and Brand on new My Products page (coming soon)
  • New Brands Dashboard product analytics widget (coming soon)
  • Fix for Quote Requests email template
Table of contents
  1. 30 May 2024
  2. 27 May 2024
  3. 24 May 2024
  4. 23 May 2024
  5. 16 May 2024
  6. Interior Design Software For Professional Interior Designers
  7. 13 June 2024
  8. 07 June 2024
  9. 06 June 2024
  10. 04 June 2024
  11. 14 May 2024
  12. 09 May 2024
  13. 03 May 2024
  14. 02 May 2024
  15. 29 April 2024
  16. 24 April 2024
  17. 22 April 2024
  18. April 16 2024
  19. 15 April 2024
  20. Other updates
  21. 11 April 2024
  22. <strong>09 April 2024</strong>
    1. What is FF&E in Interior Design?
    2. Why is FF&E Management Crucial?
    3. How Programa is Changing the FF&E Interior Design Software Game
    4. Why Programa Stands Out from Other FF&E Interior Design Software
    5. The Future of Interior Design with Programa
    6. Blog Callout
    7. The Range
    8. Installation
    9. Service
    10. Support
    11. Based in Sydney, YSG is a multi-disciplinary practice trailblazing architectural builds and interior design across the residential, commercial, and hospitality sectors. The studio charges spaces with atmospheric potency, staging, and storytelling driving their narrative process. With bold concepts and resourceful details, YSG's projects hopefully stir the soul and spark an emotive drive to feel one's best self within them.
    12. The Issue
    13. The Result
    14. The Solution
    15. Get Started Today
    16. Client Dashboards: Connecting Designers and Clients Globally
    17. Product Approvals: Streamlining Feedback and Collaboration
    18. Experience the Future of Design Communication with Programa
    19. 1. Don’t Light Everything
    20. 2. Design with Layers
    21. 3. Design for Looks
    22. 4. Design for Activity
    23. 5. Design with Control
      1. Programa Interior Design Software: A Comprehensive Project Management and Collaboration Solution for Architects and Interior Designers
      2. User-friendly Interface and Tools for Seamless Project Management
      3. We interviewed Associates Callie van der Merwe, Calvin Janse van Vuuren & Roberto Zambri from COOOP, about their latest project, the Vogue Cafe.
      4. <strong>Tyler Aspen Edmonds is a Melbourne-based Interior Stylist with a flair for creating cohesive, bold, and dramatic spaces for his clients. </strong>
      5. <strong>We spoke with Tyler about his recent project in Toorak, Melbourne.</strong>
      6. How Does the Programa x QuickBooks Integration Work?
    24. Goodbye Fragmented Financial Management
    25. Build Connected and Efficient Processes<br />
    26. Meet The Programa x QuickBooks Integration<br />
    27. About Programa’s Privacy Policy
    28. What information does Programa collect?
      1. &nbsp;
      2. Information Provided to Programa
      3. Information Collected Automatically
      4. E-mail and Other Communications
      5. Sharing Information
      6. Security
      7. Right to Erasure
      8. Explore our latest ‘Made with Programa’ as Shona McElroy of SMAC Studio discusses “Introspection,” detailing the challenges, workflow, and the pivotal role Programa played from concept to completion.
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Keep pace with the dynamic evolution of our Programa platform through our comprehensive Release Notes for April 2024, spanning from the beginning to the end of the month. Delve into the intricacies of the latest updates tailored for designers and brands alike. With a focus on enhancing user experience and optimizing functionality, our updates include the implementation of tax feedback, improvements in QuickBooks integration, and fixes for various issues ranging from product deletion processes to PDF export glitches. Technical enhancements such as mutation flow refactorization and removal of unused components underline our commitment to refining the platform's performance and efficiency. Whether you're a designer seeking streamlined project management tools or a brand aiming for enhanced product visibility and management, our Release Notes offer valuable insights into the ongoing evolution of Programa. Stay informed, stay ahead.