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Introducing Duplicate Doc Code Prevention

Product Update
Updated: 05 June 2024
Duplicate Doc Codes Programa

We're excited to announce a new feature that just launched in Programa. The Duplicate Dot Code Checker!


The Issue

Have you ever accidentally used the same dot code twice in your plans?

Dot codes are essential for accurately tracking product locations and ensuring smooth installations.

However, duplicate codes can lead to major headaches down the line, like the wrong item being installed in the wrong place. This can cause delays, rework, and unhappy clients.

Programa Duplicate Doc Code Warning

The Result

Duplicate codes can have a ripple effect on your projects. Here are some potential consequences:

  • Incorrect Installations: The wrong product could be installed in the wrong location, leading to rework and delays.
  • Inventory Issues: It can be difficult to track product quantities accurately with duplicate codes.
  • Client Dissatisfaction: Mistakes due to duplicate codes can damage your reputation and client relationships.

The Solution

Introducing the Duplicate Dot Code Checker! This exciting new feature in Programa helps prevent these issues

  • Identifying Duplicates: When you enter a new dot code, the checker instantly verifies if it already exists in the document.
  • Alerting Designers: If a duplicate is found, you'll see a clear error message, making you aware of the potential problem.
  • Empowering Control: You have the option to either change the code to avoid the error or proceed with the duplicate if it's intentional (e.g., offering different product options).

Prevent Costly Errors, Ensure Smooth Projects, and Delight Clients.

The Duplicate Dot Code Checker is a valuable tool that streamlines your workflow, minimises errors, and ultimately leads to happier clients.


Get Started Today

The Duplicate Dot Code Checker is now available in Programa for all designers. We encourage you to explore this new feature and experience the benefits of improved accuracy and efficiency in your projects.


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