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FF&E Schedules with Programa

Updated: 05 June 2024

An interior design specification sheet is essential for performing your design work. But if you don't use a tool specifically designed to deal with your FF&E specifications, a lot of time is wasted doing version control, double-handling, and ensuring you always have backups of specifications just in case the worst happens.

Cue Programa!

Programa is software designed specifically for A&D professionals like yourself and can make building those FF&E schedules quicker and more streamlined. Our user-friendly platform offers seamless solutions for effortlessly creating, managing, and updating your FF&E schedules.

Say goodbye to tedious manual processes and hello to efficiency with Programa.

Use our Tools to:

Simplify Your FF&E Selection Process

With Programa, interior designers can streamline their FF&E selection process from start to finish. Our intuitive Product Library allows you to add key specifications while our FREE add-on tools like The Web Clipper can even cut out data entry altogether.

Effortless Updates and Revisions

Interior design projects are dynamic, with changes often occurring throughout the process. With Programa, updating and revising FF&E schedules is a breeze. Whether you need to add new items, make substitutions, or adjust quantities, our platform makes it simple to keep your schedules up-to-date. Say goodbye to manual revisions and hello to seamless updates with Programa.

Collaboration Made Easy

Collaboration is key in the world of interior design. Programa facilitates teamwork by allowing designers to share FF&E schedules with clients, contractors, and other stakeholders in our Client Dashboard. Our platform promotes clear communication and transparency, ensuring everyone is on the same page throughout the project. With Programa, collaboration has never been easier.

Optimized Finishes Schedule Management

In addition to FF&E schedules, Programa offers tools for managing finishes schedules. From paint colors to flooring materials, our platform helps you keep track of all the finishing touches that bring your design to life. Stay organized and on schedule with Programa's finishes schedule management features.

The Future Of FF&E With Programa

Programa is your ultimate companion for FF&E and finishes schedule management in interior design projects. Our user-friendly platform simplifies the selection process, offers customizable templates, facilitates effortless updates and revisions, promotes collaboration, and optimizes finishes schedule management. Say goodbye to chaos and hello to efficiency with Programa.

Ready to experience the future of interior design? Visit Programa today and see how we can transform your workflow. Unlock the power of seamless FF&E and finishes schedule management with Programa.

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Try Programa for free with a 7 day trial

Try Programa for free with a 7 day trial

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