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Introducing Purchase Orders

Fully integrated with your Programa Schedules
Updated: 21 March 2024

Our vision at Programa has always been to build a beautifully designed, no-compromise solution for interior design & architecture workflows. Thousands of designers worldwide now use Programa to specify and manage projects, and today, we take a step closer to becoming the true end-to-end solution for interior designers.

Introducing Programa’s latest feature, Purchase Orders, designed to make your procurement process seamless and efficient. When we spoke to designers about how they currently manage purchase orders, the common frustration was that current processes are “too time-consuming”. That’s why our new Purchase Orders are fully integrated with your Programa Schedules, meaning creating and sending purchase orders takes a matter of minutes, without the need to copy and paste information into other tools.

With Programa’s Purchase Orders, you can:

  • Quickly and easily create purchase orders using all the information already in your Programa Schedules.
  • Send purchase orders, add delivery addresses and notes, and email them to your suppliers directly, all without leaving Programa.
  • Receive notifications when your supplier opens your purchase order, giving you complete peace of mind during the procurement process.
  • Resend or send reminders to your suppliers, making it easier to keep track of your procurement process.

Purchase Orders come with a PDF summary and spec sheets for each product, ensuring that all the information you, your clients and your suppliers need is easily accessible.

By using Programa’s Purchase Orders, you can take control of your supplier engagement like never before while saving hours of manual data entry, leaving you more time to work on what’s important.

Available now to all Programa users as part of your Pro subscription.

Table of contents
  1. 11 April 2024
    1. Highlight
    2. Other fixes
    3. Technical updates
    4. Seamless Integration with Product Library
    5. Tailored PDF Exports
    6. Intuitive Schedule Navigation
    7. Interior Design Software For Professional Interior Designers
    8. Challenges Faced by Designers in Procurement
    9. How designers can use Procurement Hub
    10. Built by and for designers
    11. Setting Clear Expectations and Boundaries
    12. Professionalism in Operations and Contracts
    13. Managing Finances and Discounting
    14. Handling Product Purchasing and Trade Pricing
    15. Protecting Relationships
    16. Keep it Professional
    17. Design Fees & Discounting
    18. Product Purchasing & Trade Pricing
    19. 1. Schedules
    20. 2. Project Management
    21. 3. Client Dashboard
    22. 4. Pinboards
    23. 5. Financials View
    24. The Importance of Project Management in Interior Design
    25. Tips for Becoming a Better Interior Designer
    26. Real-World Examples of Successful Project Management in Interior Design
    27. 27 May 2024
    28. 24 May 2024
    29. 23 May 2024
    30. 16 May 2024
    31. The Issue
    32. The Result
    33. The Solution
    34. Latest Updates
    35. 2022
    36. 2023
    37. Purchase Orders
    38. Client Dashboard
    39. What’s next?
  2. Programa Invoices
    1. Streamlining Complexities and Enhancing Collaboration
    2. Managing Multiple Projects with Conflicting Deadlines and Resourcing Needs
    3. Communicating with Clients, Contractors, and Suppliers
    4. Sourcing Materials and Products
    5. Resolving Conflicts and Addressing Challenges
    6. Streamlining Project Management with Programa’s Studio WIP: A Cross-Project Management Solution
    7. Enhancing Communication and Collaboration with Programa’s Client Dashboard
    8. Leveraging Programa’s Cloud-Based Specifications for Efficient Material and Product Sourcing
    9. Take Control of Your Studio Today
    10. What is FF&E in Interior Design?
    11. Why is FF&E Management Crucial?
    12. How Programa is Changing the FF&E Interior Design Software Game
    13. Why Programa Stands Out from Other FF&E Interior Design Software
    14. The Future of Interior Design with Programa
    15. Our new release puts the Pro, in Programa.
    16. For Designers
    17. For Brands
    18. What’s Next?
    19. 14 May 2024
    20. 09 May 2024
    21. 03 May 2024
    22. 02 May 2024
    23. 29 April 2024
    24. 24 April 2024
    25. 22 April 2024
  3. April 16 2024
  4. 15 April 2024
  5. Other updates
  6. <strong>09 April 2024</strong>
    1. Data Encryption in Transit and at Rest
    2. Security Controls
    3. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
    4. Monitoring and Breach Protocols
    5. Your IP is Yours, Forever
    6. <strong>Meet Brightgreen’s MINI Collection: When Less, Meets More</strong>
    7. <strong>Revolutionise Your Lighting Design and Layouts</strong>
    8. With Programa’s Purchase Orders, you can:
Reading: Introducing Purchase Orders, Fully integrated with your Programa Schedules
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Try Programa for free with a 7 day trial

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Simplify Your Workflow with Programa's Specification Features Programa's scheduling and specification features are seamlessly integrated, allowing you to focus on your tasks without the burden of time-consuming data entry. The product library consolidates all project materials into one central location, providing easy access and reuse of specifications and product information. With the Web Clipper feature, you can add products from anywhere online to your project's product schedule or your studio's Product Library, saving you time and effort.

Instant Sharing and Seamless Collaboration Communication is key in design projects, and Programa makes it effortless to share design concepts and specifications with just a click. Live views across mood boards, specifications, and other design aspects facilitate collaboration among your team, suppliers, tradespeople, and clients. Customized access ensures that everyone stays on the same page, eliminating misunderstandings and miscommunications. Programa's specification software is especially valuable in the age of remote work and global collaborations, enabling smooth communication and collaboration regardless of location.

Customization Tailored to Your Needs Programa understands that each project and stakeholder group is unique, offering a wide range of customization features to match your specific requirements. Whether you're preparing a presentation for a client meeting or conducting a project review, Programa allows you to control what your stakeholders view, ensuring that each phase of your project receives the attention it deserves.

Take Your Design Projects to the Next Level with Programa For designers and architects striving for perfection, Programa's specification software is a must-have tool. Its blend of functionality, flexibility, and finesse ensures that your projects are presented impressively and managed efficiently. Start using Programa today and embrace the future of design specifications. Start using Programa free.