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In a discussion with Yasmine Ghoniem, Director of Sydney-based interior design studio YSG, we delve into the studio's founding story, cultural ethos, and groundbreaking projects.

Based in Sydney, YSG is a multi-disciplinary practice trailblazing architectural builds and interior design across the residential, commercial, and hospitality sectors. The studio charges spaces with atmospheric potency, staging, and storytelling driving their narrative process. With bold concepts and resourceful details, YSG's projects hopefully stir the soul and spark an emotive drive to feel one's best self within them.

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Yasmine GhoniemDirector at YSG

YSG roots stem back into 2013 when Yasmine Ghoniem co-founded Amber Road, which either won or shortlisted for over 40 design accolades. In 2020, Yasmine launched YSG, enabling her to build her solo practice. Now, YSG incorporates a team of over 15 staff, with projects currently in operation across the globe.

YSG’s most notable design accolades include winning the Designer of the Year at the Interior Design Excellence Awards (2021). Internationally, in 2024 Yasmine was recognised in the Middle East’s Architectural Digest’s AD100 and Germany’s Architectural Digest’s AD100 – an accolade she initially received in 2022 with her inclusion in European Architectural Digest’s AD100: the definitive list of the most influential interior designers, architects and designers across the world.

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La Palma

We are primarily utilising Programa’s Scheduling and Product Library functions for current projects. Clients can access Live Schedule updates via the shared URLs provided on the title page of our initial Schedule. We will also provide trades and clients access to Live Schedules via the QR code function, linking to up to date information including general specification, imagery and relevant PDFs, without the constant administration of reissuing and filing.

Yasmine GhoniemDirector at YSG

YSG launched their architectural offering last year and employs two registered architects full-time, so that’s really expanded their offering. Their most successful outcomes merge architectural and interior design to seamlessly connect both interior and exterior elements for those who like to dream big.

YSG is approached directly via studio enquiries (usually through previous projects featured in design magazines, from browsing their website and Instagram feed, to word of mouth).

Black Diamond
Black Diamond

Steeped in craftsmanship, we infuse our boldly sculpted spaces with daring palettes, spirited custom designs and unexpected textural pairings. Saturated pigments and tactile materials elicit experiential outcomes with lasting impact.

Yasmine GhoniemDirector at YSG

YSG's design philosophy revolves around authenticity. Their creative process is guided by the principle of creating the very best instinctually genuine work, from furniture and lighting to built environments. The studio is motivated by crafting interiors that are always driven by mood. Lighting, color, and tactile surface finishes are always highly considered, as touch plays a major role in their designs.

YSG integrates sustainability and ethical considerations into their work by designing with the intent that their interiors and architectural builds will withstand the test of time. They utilize premium material selections, from stone and timbers to exceptional fabrics internally. More broadly, they eschew trends, aiming to create builds and interiors that transplant you back in time and propel you into the future, but never feel 'of the moment.'

In balancing creativity with functionality, YSG finds that originality sparks their initial design concepts, but they are ultimately driven by functionality. Spaces need to flow, and custom design must serve a practical purpose, from joinery providing adequate storage to furniture fulfilling its primary role in terms of comfort and practicality.

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Yasmine GhoniemDirector at YSG

Looking ahead to 2024, YSG has exciting projects on the horizon. Highlights include the launch of a resort for creatives craving an otherworldly escape in Ubud, along with an incredible private residence in the hinterlands of Byron, designed in collaboration with a renowned Mexican Architect. Additionally, they are thrilled about two sister restaurants opening later this year on Sydney Harbour, overlooking iconic landmarks. Furthermore, a private residence in the Middle East, which they've been working on for almost three years, is nearing completion. They will also finish a new retail space for Alémais in Paddington this year.

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Welcome to Programa, where we spotlight the innovative design studio YSG, based in Sydney. YSG is a dynamic multi-disciplinary practice renowned for its groundbreaking architectural builds and interior designs across residential, commercial, and hospitality sectors.

Led by the visionary Yasmine Ghoniem, YSG infuses spaces with atmospheric potency, compelling narratives, and bold concepts that stir the soul. Our collaboration with YSG has been streamlined through Programa's Scheduling and Product Library functions, enhancing efficiency and ensuring meticulous attention to detail.

YSG's accolades, including winning Designer of the Year at the Interior Design Excellence Awards, and recognition in prestigious publications like Architectural Digest's AD100, underscore their global influence and exceptional talent.

With a commitment to authenticity and sustainability, YSG crafts interiors and builds that stand the test of time, utilizing premium materials and eschewing trends for timeless elegance. Their fusion of architectural and interior design expertise results in spaces that seamlessly connect interior and exterior elements, inspiring those with a penchant for visionary design.

Clients are drawn to YSG through various channels, from previous projects featured in design magazines to word of mouth referrals, reflecting the studio's reputation for excellence and craftsmanship.

Looking ahead, YSG has exciting projects on the horizon, from a resort in Ubud to sister restaurants overlooking Sydney Harbour, showcasing their creativity and innovation in the design landscape.

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