Royce Armchair

by SP01
Royce Armchair

The Royce armchair takes flight in a fresh collaboration with Australian designer Nikolai Kotlarczyk. A sculptural and compact armchair suited to both residential and commercial interiors, Royce joins SP01’s elegant collection of character driven designs.

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Available with and without headrest, Royce is a detail driven design featuring contrast piping which punctuates the wing shaped backrest and an externally mounted tubular steel frame which can be selected in a highlight finish. When seen together the two versions of the Royce chair creates a lyrical dialogue, offering a sense of rise and fall in a room.

The original avian inspiration behind the design animates the new piece, giving it a sense of character. The simple geometric line is reduced to a bird-like silhouette that appears ready for take-off. The design is an assemblage of curves, from the sinuous frame to the arc of the wing shaped shell and the tight radius of the headrest, ensuring there is not a hard line in sight.

For me it was really important - to showcase as much of the beautiful wings of this chair as possible - by tucking the two back legs underneath. That was a big feature for me, to get the frame wrapping around the back and make it free of the back legs so that it has this beautiful uninterrupted line.”


The SP01 team have collaborated with Nikolai over a two-year period in-order to produce a design that feels fresh.

We have arrived at a chair with two variants; with and without head rest, both retaining that classic wing shape which is obviously a very important detail. We have consciously made the chair a little plump, sitting close to the ground on its fine feet. The Australian native bird, which originally inspired Nikolai’s sketch, is a tropical dove. We played with this idea of the beautiful bird and I find there is something anthropomorphic about Royce.


Nikolai’s strong connection with geography, history, materiality and rituals can all be seen in the Royce armchair. Working within a self-expressed, refined decorative style, Nikolai’s work aims to simplify the act of storytelling through an honest palette of materials and bold forms.

Royce is a natural extension of our design language and demonstrates that SP01 is feeling more confident about who are as a brand and about our design direction.


Since its debut, SP01 has been promoted on a global platform of design that demonstrates fresh, Antipodean values. It’s designs give a subtle nod to iconic design eras, while staying untethered to any single cultural heritage. SP01 works with designers from around the globe to create a collection of beautifully detailed, hand-finished furniture – conceived in Australia, made in Italy.

Royce is now available to order via SP01’s international dealer network, directly or through the Programa Trade Portal.

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Discover the Royce armchair, a captivating collaboration between SP01 and Australian designer Nikolai Kotlarczyk. This sculptural masterpiece, suitable for both residential and commercial spaces, adds a touch of elegance to any interior. Available with or without a headrest, Royce boasts a detail-driven design, highlighted by contrast piping and an externally mounted tubular steel frame, offering a modern yet timeless aesthetic.

Inspired by avian forms, Royce exudes character with its wing-shaped silhouette, reminiscent of a bird poised for flight. Nikolai Kotlarczyk's vision shines through in every curve, from the sinuous frame to the graceful arc of the shell, creating a seamless and uninterrupted design.

SP01's collaboration with Nikolai over two years has resulted in a chair that embodies both form and function, with two distinct variants retaining the iconic wing shape. Upholding Nikolai's refined decorative style, Royce reflects a harmonious blend of geography, history, materiality, and rituals, making it a true statement piece.

With its global platform, SP01 showcases fresh, Antipodean values while drawing inspiration from iconic design eras. Royce, now available through SP01's international dealer network and the Programa Trade Portal, exemplifies SP01's commitment to exquisite craftsmanship and innovative design.

Experience the allure of Royce, where contemporary sophistication meets timeless beauty, only from SP01.