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Programa, end-to-end project management and specification for A&D practitioners.
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Move beyond clicks & impressions with leads, quote requests & insights.
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Discovery, when it matters

Programa Trade Portal enables product discovery for A&D professionals while they work.

Be a part of their workflow

Products on the Trade Portal can be added to schedules in a click.

Engage directly with decision makers

Receive enquiries, quote requests and leads.

Fully integrated

Your brand, their workflow. Seamlessly integrated throughout Programa.
Discover how Programa keeps
WOODCUT top of mind for designers

Your products, specified in seconds.

Giving you visibility of your future sales leads.

Benefits for Suppliers & Brands

  • Sales, streamlined
  • Maximise brand exposure to A&D professionals
  • Showcase your products
  • High-intent qualified leads
  • Sales funnel insights
  • Quickly generate and respond to quote requests
  • Maximise ROI
  • Data driven insights
  • More than mere clicks...

The world's best specification tool

Schedules centralise all project data, including financials, procurement details, product approvals, and stakeholder communications, providing easy end-to-end project management.

Bigger, better sales with Programa for Brands.

Join the platform where award winning designers source, specify and procure.
Try Programa for free with a 7 day trial

Try Programa for free with a 7 day trial

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Introducing Programa For Brands

Expand Your Reach to A&D Tastemakers

Product Discovery: Reach A&D Professionals While They Work Programa For Brands introduces the Trade Portal, enabling A&D professionals to discover your products while they work. With seamless integration within Programa, your brand gains visibility at crucial moments in the design process.

Instant Procurement: Seamlessly Add Products to Schedules Products listed on the Trade Portal can be added to schedules with just a click, streamlining the procurement process for designers and ensuring your products are readily available for specification.

Client Engagement: Receive Enquiries, Quote Requests, and Leads Engage directly with designers by receiving enquiries, quote requests, and leads through the Trade Portal. Build relationships with potential clients and showcase the value of your brand.

Seamless Brand Experience: Integrated Throughout Programa Your brand becomes an integral part of designers' workflows with seamless integration throughout Programa. From product discovery to procurement, Programa For Brands ensures your products are easily accessible and top-of-mind for A&D professionals.

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More than mere clicks

15,000+ Designers in Australia & New Zealand $95k+ Average project value 41k+ Leads generated from the Trade Portal each month

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Partner with Programa and reach A&D professionals actively specifying daily. Experience the unbeatable ROI and visibility throughout your customers' workday. Join now and expand your reach to A&D tastemakers!