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Connect with a new high-intent audience: Unlock qualified A&D
industry leads from the moment they make procurement decisions.

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Connect with High-Intent A&D Professionals

Say Goodbye to Cold Leads. Programa Leads gives your brand right place, right time contacts at a natural point in the A&D workflow.
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Industry Relationships

Programa Leads gives Brands as opportunity to connect with A&D professionals as they specify your products using Programa.

Full Customer Visibility

Gain an overview of when your products are specified, who is specifying them and what stage of the design process they are at.

Quality Leads

Gain qualified leads from the moment they are making procurement decisions.

Programa is The Future of A&D Procurement

Gain visibility of A highly-engaged audience, actively procuring.

Join 300+ of Leading Brands on Programa

Our criteria for entry to the Trade Portal ensures designers are seeing the authentic and quality brands within, FF&E, furniture, materials, appliances, lighting and more.

Programa’s Trade Portal

Showcase your products and have visibility of your sales funnel. Gain high-intent qualified leads, quickly generate and respond to quote requests, enquiries and purchase orders.
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of Designers believe online is the best way to research products.
of Programa’s users are actively looking for products to specify on projects.
in product value specified on Programa.

Bottom of The Funnel Solution for A&D Suppliers

A&D professionals on Programa are working with intent, not just browsing for inspiration.
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Only valuable leads specifying here and now.

Low Effort. High Reward

No tricky setup, simply login and begin outreach to studios already considering your products.

Sales Tracking

Real time overview of your sales funnel as products move from consideration to quoting.

Unique Positioning

Raise awareness and brand positioning: The right visibility. More sales less effort.
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Elevate Your Team's Efforts

Chat to Programa's Head of Brands, to gain access to Programa Leads and learn more about connecting to designer's workflows.

Try Programa for free with a 7 day trial

Try Programa for free with a 7 day trial

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