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Specification done right

Programa's Schedules are integrated, functional, always live, and always accurate. Switch to Programa and unlock your studio's productivity.
Fixtures Schedule

Always up-to-date

Schedules that stay live, ensuring minimal double handling


Up to date schedules, kept live using the cloud

Seamless to share

Share with clients, builders, and trades

Custom Product Library

Build your Product Library to fast-track your schedule building.

Streamlined Schedules

Never miss a beat; always available, up-to-date, shareable & secure.
A&D's best Web Clipper

A&D's Best Web Clipper

Anything, anywhere online; added to your Projects or Product Library

All in one place

With built-in Schedules, Project Management 
and Pinboards, Programa is the first all-in-one 
tool built with the entire design process in mind.
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Streamline your specification

Laser-fast scheduling

Shareable files

Export to PDF and Excel

Streamline quoting

Request quotes with one-click

Integrated Product Library

Sync with your Product Library

Collaborative Client Dashboard

A clear and collaborative dashboard to track changes and manages client communications.
Client Dashboard

Unified view

Offer clients a branded dashboard for a comprehensive project view.

Simplified sharing

Consolidate project content into one manageable link.

Enhanced accessibility

Provide a central location to download files.

Custom branding & control

Customize the dashboard with your branding and control information sharing.

Straight from the source

Effortlessly import and customize specs and images from suppliers directly into your centralized Product Library, saving time and streamlining edits.
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The Web Clipper

Import products from any website and social platform in seconds.
Web Clipper

Scheduling with Web Clipper

Populate schedules with precise specs using Programa's Web Clipper.

Error-free sourcing

Minimize errors by sourcing specs directly from supplier websites.

Inspiration integration

Clip design inspiration from Pinterest & Instagram into your libraries.

Mood Board building

Clip inspiration straight into your Mood Boards, fast-tracking your client presentation creation.

Procurement tools

Manage all your payments and deliveries directly from your Schedules.

Procurement hub

Keeps designers up-to-date on their deadlines, payments and deliveries.

Seamless sharing

Never miss a deadline again

Effortless integration

Easily find and prioritize tasks

Perfect product additions

All your procurement tasks in one place

Product Library

Create your own centralized database of products for you and your team.
Product Library

Central hub

Store & access key products for seamless collaboration.

Time-saving specs

Create schedules faster with rapid updates.

Detailed insights

Specify with exhaustive details, notes, & supplier info.

Organized & adaptable

Effortless search & filtering for easy organization.

Purchase Orders

Fully Integrated with schedules so creating purchase orders takes minutes.
Purchase Orders

Compile contacts

Gather supplier details for future orders with your Address Book.

Branded orders

Dispatch customized purchase orders with all product details.

Flexible tax settings

Adjust for tax requirements directly in your schedule settings.

Reduced communication

Streamline client interaction with product/project accept/reject.


Showcase your design in a collaborative online space.
Pinboards Desktop

Clip, concept, collaborate

Streamline concept development with easy image & detail import.

Optimized sharing

Curate ideas with a flexible grid or import from InDesign for easy sharing.

Tailored for your studio

Customize with your branding for a professional touch.

Clear design communication

Organize concepts for clear communication.
Management tools

Your projects, at a glance

Programa’s project management tools help you and your team work better and more efficiently.
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Project management

Keep your team and your projects running smoothly in one place.

Studio Minosa

"Programa has brought about a remarkable enhancement in our project management efficiency... It serves as a streamlined tool that not only simplifies workflow and scheduling but also, crucially, it has enabled our team to maintain real-time communication."

Darren Genner, Director NSW

Address Book

Programa's Address Book allows you to easily organize your contacts and share them with your team.
Address Book

COOOP by Design Partnership

"The Address book has been critical for us to put all our trusted suppliers in one location for ease of contact and accessibility.  This helped us make our database go from being spread through multiple business cards, cell phones, and note books to being online and up to date."

Callie Van der Merwe, Director UAE

Shareable Schedules

Live Schedules means no one will see out of date info.


"We primarily utilise Programa’s scheduling and product library functions for current projects... Clients can access live schedule updates via the shared URLs... Once on-site, we will also provide trades and clients access to live schedules via the QR code function."

Yasmine Ghoniem, Director, NSW

Web Clipper

Spend less time on data entry and reduce costly mistakes with the Programa Web Clipper.

Studio LHD

"The ease of being able to pin items directly from a website and have the information easily and accurately loaded has literally changed our lives. No more copy and paste - not more manual entry."

Linda Habak, Director, NSW

Product Library

Quickly fill your schedules and consolidate your specifications using the Product Library for efficient project tracking.

SMAC Studios

"The Product Library has revolutionised how we manage our frequently used products... The categorised organisation and powerful search and filter tools have dramatically reduced the time it takes to find and specify the right product."

Shona McElroy, Director NSW

Everything in one place.


Amazing support

Our team is always available on live chat to help.

Time tracking

Easy two-click time tracking linked to your projects.

PDF downloads

Download Schedules and Spec Sheets in a few clicks.

QR codes

Print and share your Schedules on-site with QR codes.

Xero integration

Seamlessly integrate with Xero with no more double handling.

Finally, everything in one place.There's no more double handling with Programa.

Try Programa for free with a 7 day trial

Try Programa for free with a 7 day trial

Join the world’s best studios

Discover the power of Programa's integrated Schedules – always live, always accurate, ensuring minimal double handling and maximum efficiency. With cloud-enabled schedules, seamless sharing with clients, builders, and trades becomes effortless, revolutionizing collaboration and project management.

Build your custom Product Library to fast-track your schedule building, with all essential tools in one place. From built-in schedules to project management and pinboards, Programa is the first all-in-one tool designed with the entire design process in mind, offering a unified solution for interior designers worldwide.

Experience laser-fast scheduling, shareable files, streamlined quoting, and integrated procurement tools that simplify every aspect of your design process. Collaborate effortlessly with clients using our Client Dashboard, offering a clear and collaborative space to track changes and manage communications.

Effortlessly import and customize specs and images from suppliers directly into your centralized Product Library with our Web Clipper, saving time and streamlining edits. Manage all your payments and deliveries directly from your schedules with our procurement hub, ensuring seamless project execution from start to finish.

Create your own centralized database of products with our Product Library, offering a central hub for storing and accessing key products for seamless collaboration. Reduce communication overhead with fully integrated purchase orders and streamlined client interaction features.

Showcase your design concepts in a collaborative online space with Pinboards, optimizing concept development and clear design communication. Keep your team and projects running smoothly with Programa's project management tools, all in one place.

With Programa, everything you need is finally in one place. Enjoy amazing support from our team available on live chat, easy time tracking linked to your projects, PDF downloads, QR codes for on-site sharing, and seamless integration with Xero.

Trusted by thousands of designers across 65 countries, Programa is where designs take shape. Join the global community of interior designers who rely on Programa to bring their visions to life with precision, efficiency, and unparalleled innovation.