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Erika Westling & Julia Lepper2024-04-04
Erika Westling & Julia Lepper2024-04-04

North Vancouver, Canada

The biggest challenge Programa has allowed us to overcome is that any changes made to our specifications before or during construction are automatically updated and shared with the contractors immediately through the online QR code and link.

Julie Lepper & Erika Westling Senior Interior Designer & Interior Designer

How would you define your practice?

Founded in 1993, Synthesis Design Inc. is a talented and dedicated team of designers with degrees, from Masters of Architecture, Bachelor of Interior Design, to Psychology, Engineering, and Fine Arts, that specializes in residential projects from renovations and additions, to completing custom home and interior design.

Our design firm is a collaborative mix and brainstorming of ideas, concepts, and practical applications. We work in an environment that welcomes open dialogue and engagement. Projects at various stages are displayed in our studio as we collectively search and discover our client’s unique vision.

Our talented team of interior designers collaborate seamlessly to craft spaces that transcend the ordinary. From meticulously curated color palettes to bespoke furniture pieces, every detail is thoughtfully considered to create inspiring and delightful environments. With a commitment to learning and understanding our clients’ needs for beautiful yet functional homes, we are truly grateful for the time we get to design homes that reflect the personalities of the people who live in them. Our design team blends artistry with functionality to bring our clients' visions to life. At Synthesis Design, interior design isn't just about aesthetics – it's about crafting immersive experiences that enrich lives and elevate everyday living.

In our studio “crit” tradition, all brainstorming ideas are welcome, no matter how far out they may seem. From administration staff to designers, we have created a culture where everyone can collectively express ideas. We feel this best represents a cross-section of our demographic. Our team always walk away at the end of the day with a newfound sense of creative vision. Our extraordinary environment of constant creative stimulation and problem-solving empowers us and, ultimately, benefits all our client projects. A client’s project is always more defined, more creative, and more cost-effective after a studio crit.

Our extensive experience and diverse team all contribute to our fresh perspective and informed approach to design and sustainability.

How are you using Programa?

Here at Synthesis Design, we use Programa each and everyday!

Our in-house interior design team uses various Programa tools from the start of the preliminary design phase to construction documentation for each project. During the PD phase, we present conceptual images using the pinboard template, and we quickly add conceptual images from our image library for our client presentations. Programa has been essential when scheduling our project timelines and checklists for each home design. We use Programa Schedules for finishes, furniture, lighting, plumbing, hardware and appliance specifications. The specifications are shared with our clients through the Client Dashboard, which allows them to approve our selections. We also use the QR code generator, which is crucial for our construction documentation and live updates throughout the project for our contractors.

What challenges did the platform help overcome in a most recent project? Could you tell us about it?

The biggest challenge Programa has allowed us to overcome is that any changes made to our specifications before or during construction are automatically updated and shared with the contractors immediately through the online QR code and link. Another feature that has proven to be very efficient is our Product Library. The product library allows our team to expedite writing specifications that we frequently use. This feature will enable us to select the most used products from our Product Library according to the project specifications.

Try Programa for free with a 7 day trial

Try Programa for free with a 7 day trial

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Welcome to the editorial page featuring Synthesis Design, a prominent interior design firm based in North Vancouver, Canada. Led by founders Erika Westling and Julia Lepper, Synthesis Design boasts a talented team of designers with diverse backgrounds, including architecture, interior design, psychology, engineering, and fine arts. Since its inception in 1993, Synthesis Design has been dedicated to crafting stunning residential spaces that reflect their clients' unique personalities and lifestyles.

At Synthesis Design, interior design is not just about aesthetics; it's about creating immersive experiences that enrich lives and elevate everyday living. With a collaborative approach that encourages open dialogue and engagement, the studio fosters a creative environment where every team member's ideas are valued. From brainstorming sessions to project critiques, Synthesis Design cultivates a culture of constant creative stimulation and problem-solving, resulting in innovative design solutions that benefit all their client projects.

Programa plays a vital role in Synthesis Design's design process, offering a range of tools that streamline their workflow from conceptualization to construction documentation. From presenting conceptual images using the pinboard template to scheduling project timelines and checklists, Programa enhances efficiency and organization for the studio's interior design team. The Client Dashboard feature allows seamless communication with clients, enabling them to approve selections and stay updated on project progress.

One of the most significant challenges Programa helps Synthesis Design overcome is the automatic updating and sharing of specifications with contractors through online QR codes and links. This feature ensures that any changes made before or during construction are communicated promptly, facilitating smoother project execution. Additionally, the Product Library feature expedites specification writing by allowing the team to select frequently used products according to project specifications, further enhancing efficiency.

Through their partnership with Programa, Synthesis Design continues to push the boundaries of interior design, delivering exceptional spaces that exceed client expectations. With a commitment to innovation, collaboration, and sustainability, Synthesis Design sets the standard for design excellence in North Vancouver and beyond.